Tuesday, December 28, 2004

One thing done..

Some of you might have noticed the small bluish thing below the blog Archives to the right of this page. Thats the google adsense thing I was talking about. (Yeah..they approved it :) It shows ads relevant to this page and if you click there, I make money! So all I need to make a million dollars is a few million clicks on those ads. Of course getting a million clicks aint easy. However, if this blog were really popular - say 1 million people visited it every day - a conservative estimate of one out of 30 people actually clicking on the ads, would mean a million clicks a month!

Wooh...millionare in a year! Good that I started this blog.

But, as always, there is a catch in this business model (quite similar to Catch-22 actually). To get my readership up to a million readers a day, this blog needs to be well-known in the community. So how can we get people to know this? Advertising looks like the only solution to me. Whatever I may say about my skills as a reader magnet, I know word-of-mouth advertising aint gonna do the trick for me. Do I pay for advertising? Yeah...looks like the only idea.

Any VCs willing to fund it? Aspiring dotcom startup with an advertising based business model here....

Saturday, December 25, 2004

For economy's sake

I signed this blog up with Google Adsense. I hope thats not a problem with the readers. I hear that company has been doing too well these days with its non-intrusive advertising and all. They say they will get back to me in a couple of days and tell me how much money I can make out of this :)

I am glad I can do something for the economy. We gotta save the devaluating dollar. I think all secretaries should make a website and sign it up with them.

Damn...another correction

No more late nighters...today can be excused though..I was playing Santa.

So the correction is this. I can not make Don the President of Hawai. It is not a different country - although it is too far down the sea (what is that ocean called - the one along Pacific Coast Highway?). I would have had to make him the President of the whole country and they say I can not do that. Something related to elections and stuff.

I asked him to be the President of Iraq but he said he can not do that. He said that he was an American citizen and Iraq is a different country. So can I not make him the President of any country? Does someone want to be the president of Iraq?

Anywat, since I did not have any other gift for him, I gave him my Santa cap for now. He looks a better Santa anyway.

(Note to self: Find out if I can make him the Governor of Hawai for this week or will this election thing be a problem there also.)


I am told that I can post now because the elections got over in November. In fact I could post in November also, but I didnt know that. Anyway, xmas is a good day to start. Christ started this day. And as Owen Wilson said in Meet the Parents, "if you are to follow someone, who better than Christ". I think I like Owen Wilson.

Also, I am told I have the resources to kill and dispose off any number of people. So that problem is sorted out...

btw, Owen Wilson is in that Zisou movie as well. I will go see that.

Feeling Bushy tonite

Someone please take care of the economy while I go xmas shopping for the secretaries...gotta find a way to keep them from resigning. Do you think Don will like this Santa cap? No its not a gift. I'll wear it at the party. For the gift I am making him the President of Hawai until new year eve.

Announcing muh arrival to the scene

So after much procrastination, this xmas vacation I did it. Yeps, muh has a blog of his own.

Now you might wonder, why did I deny the world the privelege of reading the most prolific blog ever for so long. The answer is not very simple. But for now, I think this reason will suffice - if you had read what I wrote, I would have had to kill you. And I clearly did not have the resources to dispose off the masses that would have literally killed themselves to read anything coming from me. Now, of course, is a different story - as you will find out reading this blog. But let me warn you at the outset - read it at your own risk - cos I am not entirely sure why the CIA wants me to write this blog now. You see I kinda dozed off in the meeting. (Note to self: ask Rice to keep it short the next time.)

btw, I watched Goodfellas for the 2nd time yesterday and decided that I liked this movie.

Mummy mein bada ho gaya

dekho dekho mein ab blog likhta hoon...