Monday, January 03, 2005

Tsunami and foreign aid

So India has refused foreign aid for managing the tsunami affected areas.

However, quoting from the article: "India's refusal does not include U.N. agencies and nongovernmental organizations already working in the region."

I do not know about the fund situation in PM relief fund, but this time I trust the judgement of men at helm since they decided they did not want the money from economies in power, instead of saying "Let it come in, a crore for the new bunglow wont harm". (Although you really have to be a slime to pull this off!). With India's bid for UN security council, those billions in our reserves n the amount of under-cover stuff that goes on between countries (as in "I give you money, but you gotta sleep with me in those UN meetings"), I am actually happy that we did not take aid from countries in form of money.

OTOH news like makes one wonder if we are ready for the disaster management efforts needed...