Tuesday, December 28, 2004

One thing done..

Some of you might have noticed the small bluish thing below the blog Archives to the right of this page. Thats the google adsense thing I was talking about. (Yeah..they approved it :) It shows ads relevant to this page and if you click there, I make money! So all I need to make a million dollars is a few million clicks on those ads. Of course getting a million clicks aint easy. However, if this blog were really popular - say 1 million people visited it every day - a conservative estimate of one out of 30 people actually clicking on the ads, would mean a million clicks a month!

Wooh...millionare in a year! Good that I started this blog.

But, as always, there is a catch in this business model (quite similar to Catch-22 actually). To get my readership up to a million readers a day, this blog needs to be well-known in the community. So how can we get people to know this? Advertising looks like the only solution to me. Whatever I may say about my skills as a reader magnet, I know word-of-mouth advertising aint gonna do the trick for me. Do I pay for advertising? Yeah...looks like the only idea.

Any VCs willing to fund it? Aspiring dotcom startup with an advertising based business model here....


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