Thursday, May 18, 2006


Guy Kewney - a white, bearded technology expert, leading IT journalist, was supposed to be interviewed regarding the Apple vs Beatles branding case last week by BBC news live.

The broadcast assistant went down to reception and called his name out - to which this guy in the clip guy responded. He was the taxi man waiting to take Guy after the interview back to London (and so responded when he heard his booking's name).

Guy Kewney was in reception sitting also, but hadn't heard his name called. Imagine his surprise when he saw the black french taxi man up on the television monitors, live on the news, being interviewed as him!

The taximan's surprise is evident in the clip, but you gotta hand it to this guy, he kept his cool and answered the questions. His expression when the interview starts is priceless!


At 9:21 AM, Anonymous alokshriram said...

interesting as usual. though a little follow up on the above incident.. shows that the person interviewed was not a taxi cab driver.. but was another fellow by the name of Guy Goma..there is a follow up clip on the BBC website
has the link.


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